My Why

My Why........Being in business for myself has always been a passion.  I had never heard of Paparazzi Accessories before a member of my church became a consultant.

The jewelry was beautiful and the price point was fantastic.  I purchased a few items based on the fact that they were nickel and lead free.  I am extremely allergic to metals and had not been able to wear jewelry the majority of my life. No matter how expensive it was.  I was impressed with the fact that I could wear the jewelry since my skin is highly sensitive.

After further observation and some research I decide this was for me and took the plunge. I have been a consultant since April 2019.

My initial why was this would allow me to earn additional income from the comfort of my home after completing treatment for cancer and managing Lupus.  But I would have to say the my why has evolved and I honestly feel this is the best decision I could have made for future of myself and my family towards financial independence.